Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's true...I Love Good Bargains!

Two things.

1. Baby J. has received his second haircut. First one for this year. And he is absolutely the most handsomest little guy EVER!! Sure, hubby got a little carried away but in the end it looks GREAT!

2. SHOPPING TIME!!!- Yep, one of my favorite stores is having a 25% off sale on all children items and clothing. So, you guessed it we're going to be present bright and early. Actually, I'm hoping to time it so that we will be among the first that enter the store. I have quite a few items I want to get the little man and don't want to risk them being sold out. Here are a few pictures of what I'm hoping to get.

The last time we went to this store he fell in love with
this stuffed yep, I want to buy it for him now.

Warm weather coming up...definitely need some shorts.

To replace the ones that are stained.
I love this. It'll look so nice on him.

Could you resist??

Love these PJs.

Little man is starting to walk so he needs good shoes.

So, that's about it. I'm hoping they're not sold out of these. Otherwise ... internet shopping here we come!! 

I'll have to update you all on what we actually managed to get. Hmm, maybe I'll find something nice for myself as well. Just a thought.

Do you like shopping better at the actual store or online? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!!

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